Sequins, layers and lots of leg, the Grammy Awards are back for another bold and fashionable year!

With 2016 being the year of freedom in style, men are taking on the spotlight to demonstrate to the world how a suit can be more than just a simplistic black and white number.

The world of suits is being presented almost like an art form, with celebs not holding back and playing with texture, colour, contrast and concepts. With such simple guides to breaking the boundaries of traditional formal wear, accessibility to the current trends has never been so easy.


LOOK #1 | (Pink Suit - Feminine can be Masculine too)

Pink Suit   

Most men associate the idea of a suit to be masculine, focusing on the delicate structure of a mans broad shoulders with clean cut lines.  It takes confidence to explore the contrast of taboo tones, a hint of femininity can add to create a manly statement piece. After all, confidence itself is the most masculine feature in a man.


LOOK #2 | (All Black/Playing with Textures)

Black Suit

The mixture of textures of one tone can bring definition to an outfit. Playing with traditional suit tones such as black can add a playful feel to an outfit.


LOOK #3 | (Casual/Personal Style)

Casual Suit

Suits do not have to confirm personal style, sending out a message of serious business. Playing around with lengths, textures and even reflection of light (off the shoes for example) can bring a individual feel to an outfit. Mixing and matching street wear with classic pieces can also alter the atmosphere of the outfit.


LOOK #4 | (Classic Tones)

Grey Tuxedo

By using tones, the mix of classic and personality can provide a unique suit when styled together, but can also provide classic individual pieces that can be styled with a much more traditional intention. This allows for more suit options without needing to dedicate to multiple suit sets.