George & King Sydney Stylist, Josiah Iturra, shares his personal tips on how to adapt your suit line-up as we head towards the invetiable scorchers that epitomise the Aussie summer.


Dreading the warmer months? Yeah me too.

Last summer I ended up wearing a suit WAYYYY more than expected, so you can understand me wanting to be prepared, Three weddings, a few gigs on someone’s rooftop and a couple of significant birthdays. Don’t get me wrong — I love a good suit but when it soars into the 40's, it’s definitely not something I look forward to.

The summer months open up a whole new world of fashion, and this year.... I will be prepared.

Soft pastel suits, lightweight Linen, seersucker, or fresco wools chinos, are all fantastic choices. The key is to pick something lightweight and woven with a nice open weave so that your body can easily breathe in the hotter temperature.

I can’t wait to compliment my suit in bolder brighter accessories...or lack of them. I’m a big fan of the 'no-sock' look when the sun is beating down in summer. Revealing the ankle whilst wearing a suit,  showing off those brogues, mix-and-match with chinos... It's a ll gold, and the possiblilities are limitless.

With Spring knocking on our door, it's a perfect time to mix it up a little this year. Lighter fabrics, cooler shades and sun is all we need, right?


Credits — Photos (in order of use): ‘Berkeley Square‘ by Kent WangCC BY-SA 4.0.