Throughout your years, you are going to encounter men of different lifestyles, genetics, and resultantly, body shapes.

There are several style crimes that these men can commit—amongst bad dress shoes, jeans at the gym, and the dreaded combination of a tie and a casual shirt, an ill-fitted suit is amongst the top of the list. Think of the suit as the ultimate tool to accentuate your assets—a custom, tailored, made to measure suit that highlights your best features is essential in standing out amongst the crowd, a feat that is not always easy to achieve given all the fish in the sea. The beauty of a custom, tailored, made to measure suit however, is that you can create a suit that best accentuates your assets, no matter your size or body type—below is our guide in finding the suit for your shape.

Men of all sizes in suits

For the shorter men

If you’re on the shorter side, that’s not a worry, there are some tricks of the trade if you wish to work on the magic of the optical illusion. We recommend sticking to a two button jacket in order to elongate your torso, and wearing a single colour (matching jacket and pants) to help lengthen your body. Another tip—a tapered trouser with a neat cut and worn slightly higher on the hips can add length to the legs. Avoid belts, long jackets, drop crotches and wearing a suit as separates.

Pinstripes - compared to a window pane, don’t have any horizontal lines. Never have bunched pants - one fold at the front. One fold at the front falling nicely without a fold at the back.

Shorter Guy in flattering suit

For the taller men

To avoid looking like you outgrew your suit, avoid cropped jackets and pants, we also recommend avoiding oversized, padded shoulders that will swallow you up and diminish your build. Just to know, lighter colours add width to a narrow frame and avoid wearing extra slim ties—ties with width won’t appear to elongate an already long torso.

No short jackets

Taller Guy in nice suit

For the slimmer men

For the slimmer and more slender, stick with a narrow or standard lapel so that it’s in proportion with the rest of your frame. We also love the look of a double-breasted fit for the slimmer men—layering fabric adds bulk to your narrow frame.

Stick to a classic look if you don’t want to look too skinny. Avoid going TOO tailored. Avoid extreme curve (super tight on the waist), Tight on the chest and straight down.

Skinny Guy in Green Jacket

For the larger men

One key rule—please avoid wearing a suit with a lot of room, you need to look slimmer, and also sleek—roomy is not sleek. Instead, opt for a custom, tailored, made to measure, two-button suit that will highlight your shoulders and lengthen your torso, immediately helping you to look slimmer. Please also avoid wearing plaid or checkered shirts—simple is the way to go.

Go slim within reason to keep that body shape in frame to avoid accentuating the bulge. Long jacket. Short jacket makes you look shorter and fatter. Don’t have anything too long.

Larger Guy looking good in well cut suit

For the athletic men

For the men who have been hitting the gym, or have that naturally athletic build, please avoid wearing peak lapels—there is no need to accentuate an already broad chest and shoulder area. Aim to strike the right balance between a tapered waist and the correct fit across broader shoulders. Due to your already muscular and bulkier build, opt for a custom, tailored suit with soft, natural shoulders.

Never go too tight on the waist to avoid an hourglass look.

Athletic Guy

No matter if you wear a suit on the daily, or only at weddings, a suit is there to highlight your best assets and positively accentuate all the features of your body that make you, you. Therefore, we know that you are smart enough to not even consider buying an off the rack suit—opt for a custom, tailored suit, designed down to the very detail to flaunt all goodness that you were born with—your body deserves the best.

Still not sure how to create the best suit for your fit? Come on down to our Showrooms for an expert InStitchu Stylist’s opinion—we have a lot to say.

You never want a suit to go out of style, so some general recommendations - never go too slim to keep it classic.