The team at George & King has bee working hard finalising our soon-to-be-launched Spring Range. A big part of our new range is a major refresh to our accessories line-up, and in particular we're very excited about our new range of pocket squares.

We think that everyone should sport a pocket square to give their day a lift, whether it is a crazy paisley, or a crisp white number

A quick search around the web uncovered countless articles explaining how to fold a pocket square, so we thought we take a different approach and outline a few simple rules you should consider when wearing our favourite men's fashion accessory.


MATCH POINT | Don't make the mistake of trying to exactly match your tie. Similarities between the two are OK, but an exact match is a little daft.


THIS BLOWS | Sounds obvious, but don't under any circumtances use your pocket square to blow your nose.


KISS | You don't need to overcompicate things. The crisp, neatly folded white lined is always a winner that oozes sophistication.


10/10 | Go for a fold you're good at. It's far better to have a perfectly executed 'Classic Fold' rather than a wrinkled shapeless mess.


MAD SCIENTIST | Do experiment with different colours, textures and folds. It's true that some folds will have you believing you need a PHD in Origami to get them right, but with a little practice they're all achievable.


KEEP IT CLEAN | Keep it clean! Enough said.


BE BRAVE | Be bold. Be brave. Have fun.


Because of our love for all things dapper we have added some new printed pocket squares to our online store.

Before instantly writing off the eccentric paisleys remember that it does take a brave man to show off a bold pocket square to the world, but by doing so it's like learning a secret handshake of the fashion world, instantly granting you recognition and respect amon the sartorialists of the world. Ok, that's probably a stretch, but you get the idea.