We always look upwards for style tips and inspiration.  Looking up to luxury brands, editorials in magazines and renowned bloggers is something to all gain some inspiration. However who knew we would be looking upwards, in age, for stylish tips on how to best wear our dapper outfits.

Meet Gunter Anton Krabbenhoft.  An elderly man from Germany who has completely overtaken the internet with his on trend fashionable style. A blogger from Schikaa spotted him and took his photo, which has since gone viral around the internet.

‘I find that I dress pretty normal,’ Krabbenhoft told Bjorn Akstinat, a photographer for Schikaa. ‘I’ve always dressed like this. When I went to work, when I go to exercise. I want to look at myself with joy. It’s therefore always a reflection of my inner self.

Here are George and King we can definitely get some fashionable tips on how to put together one of our suits.

Gunter Suit

Here Krabbenhoft has worn an ultra dapper, velvet sports jacket over the top of denim jeans. Sports jackets are so great because of their versatility. Here we can see how a jacket can be transformed to something much less formal; however by pairing with a bowtie it still gives the whole outfit interest and charm.

Gunter Blue Suit

Krabbenhoft is also very clever in showing us that a vest, jacket and pants  do not have to match in colour when all worn together. Also cuffing your pants is a great finishing detail when wearing boots.

Gunter 3-Piece Suit

We love a good bowtie and pocket square. And here Krabbenhoft shows us exactly how to pull off two contrast colours at the same time. Beware this is only for the fashionably brave.