Buying a custom tailored shirt and not quite sure which collar to choose? The secret is to choose a collar that best compliments the shape of your noggin.

Joel Deakin, founder of George & King, explains the 8 collar styles available to customers purchasing their custom shirts.


#1 | Regular Pointed Collar

Regular Pointed Collar
"For blokes with a round face or a shorter neck, try a pointed collar. The steeper vertical slant will give your face a sense of length and definition."


#2 | Square Collar

Square Collar
"If your face is neither excessively round nor extraordinarily angular, opt for a square collar. Its medium height works for most everyone."


#3 | Spread Collar

Spread Collar
"For the taller guys out there, and those of us with a longer triangular face, you want a spread collar with a low, wide stance. This collar will help soften your face and create a more balanced look."


#4 | Wide Spread Collar

Wide Spread Collar
"As above, but particularly appropriate for men who wear wide tie knots."


#5 | Button Down Collar

Button Down Collar
"Generally reserved for casual situations the button-down collar is perfect for Friday's with your favourite pair of chino's."



#6 |  2-Button Pointed Collar

2 Button Pointed Collar
"For those of us who love a tall and bold collar that sits high on the neck. Avoid if you're a taller guy, this collar will make your next look unusually long."


#7 |  Wing Collar

Wing Collar
"The wing collar is typically reserved for the most formal of occasions, usually accompanied by a tuxedo and bow-tie."

#8 |  Mandarin Collar

Mandarin Collar
"In contemporary Western dress, mandarin collars are found in fashion-forward oriental-style and minimalist-style clothing."