Taking your suits to the next leve can be as easy as adding a pop of colour. Pocket squares are the easiest way to add colour to your suits and folding them is a breeze, with most men’s accessories you can go as conservative or flamboyant as you desire.

Pocket squares give refinement and character to your personal style. There make a great impression and if you find ties too restricting a pocket square is the answer.

One of our resident Personal Stylists, IV Hout, has been experimenting with a few folds by the guidance of YouTube’s’ men’s accessories aficionado Patrick Novotny



In a corporate work environment these fold are staples. These safe and conservative folds states that you are not messing around. These folds have clean lines and structure with enough flair to make you memorable but will not pull focus during meetings or presentations.


Scallop | Difficulty 2/5

Scallop Pocket Square


Styling Tip: keeping the tie a solid more muted colour will allow the pocket square to pop but simultaneously keeping it very conservative.


Three StairsDifficulty 2/5

Three Stairs Pocket Square


Styling Tip: picking a complimentary printed pocket square is good way to establish a colour palette for shoes belts and vests.


Single Point | Difficulty 1/5

Single Point Pocket Square


Styling Tip: Keep everything very simple and monochromatic for a sharper look and don’t mix dots with strips.  



So you’re off to the races and you want to join in on the fashion fair. This is perhaps the one occasion where anything goes; you can show some flair and charm with these statement folds but always remember a cheap suit will always look cheap. No amount of accessories can help that. Always start with a good foundation.

In this case I am talking about your suit. Even if you opt for separates like a nice chino with a linen jacket the fit is everything. Get measured up gentlemen.


Double Bird of ParadiseDifficulty 4/5

Double Bird of Paradise Pocket Square


Styling Tip: Don’t be afraid to clash patterns with textures as anything goes make the effort; race day is a tradition that celebrates society so dress to impress.


 Ice cream Mountain | Difficulty 3/5

Ice Cream Mountain Pocket Square


Styling Tip: Using two pocket squares with different designs but within the same shades makes for a very effortless look.



These styles are classic and elegant, reserved for black tie and more formal events e.g. weddings, high rollers table and charity gala’s. Basically anytime you wear a satin lapel these fold’s could accompany and compliment your outfit.


Cagney | Difficulty 3/5

Cagney Pocket Square


Styling Tip: The Cagney or crown is a node to the aristocrats, and is an easy fold to add shape lines to your tuxedo.


The Wave |Difficulty 3/5

The Wave Pocket Square


Styling Tip: All rounder this fold add movement and breaks up a tuxedo from looking too stagnant.


Flower | Difficulty 1/5

Flower Pocket Square


Styling Tip: Use a thicker pocket square too achieve a fuller flower, this adds elegance and character. Cheaper than boutonnières too.