At the end of last year Australia took a big step towards equality, legalising same sex marriage. George & King have styled hundreds of weddings since 2012 and are proud to support this change in not only the law but also the progress in societal attitudes. Wedding styling is a huge part of custom suiting. Ensuring all parties look and feel their best for their big day.

Last year we ran a competition to find our “Love is Love’ brand ambassadors. George & King wanted a real couple at the heart of our latest campaign. We wanted to reveal the emotional journey and embrace the level of emotion between the couple and that we did. Dylan and Dean were the perfect fit.


This is their story.

We met at a festival called "Summerdayz" in Perth through mutual friends. We were introduced, got talking and ended up spending the rest of the day together. We started going on dates from that day.

Dylan and I do believe in the one, however our focus has always been on “true love” rather than the notion of "the one". Purely because our belief is that the term “true love” keeps you focused on constructive loving behaviours that come from a place of security and desire to be there for the other person.

We knew we were each other’s future the moment we began setting joint goals and planning for our future was when we stopped and realised things were getting serious. Buying a house with someone for example, is a pretty big statement of not only financial but emotional investment.  

Our friendship in central to our relationship. Before anything and at the end of every single day, we go home excited to see our best friend. We have each other's backs in everything we do. That kind of bond is special and has been the foundation of our love and affection for each other.


The Proposal

Dylan decided he would propose after he got sick of waiting for Dean to do it.

I went out and bought two rings (because I need one too!) and decided I would propose to Dean during a romantic camping trip. Needless to say, the events that followed were less than ideal. We were kicked out the original camping spot for having dogs, Dean had the ‘man flu’ and the stress of a proposal put me on edge – so Dean proceeded to continually ask throughout the day “why are you being so sensitive today”.

We finally arrived at a beautiful lakefront camping spot, got a fire going, and as the sun was going down I got the ring, walked Dean to the lakefront. Dean was confused by why I was “being so serious about having to watch the sun set”, before I got down on one knee. When he saw the ring, the whole day made sense, I proposed and his words were "of course, yes!".

Following that we thought we would celebrate with a drink. Typical of me, I forgot to buy champagne or bring glasses. We drove to the nearest bottle shop in this small country town 3 hours southwest of WA and asked if they sold champagne.  Confused, the shop owner pointed us to the fridge where there was nothing sold that was sparkling. We ended up purchasing the most expensive bottle of wine we could find at a modest price of $18 and drank it out of tin camping cups.

I love this story because it's just so typically, us. It's not the perfect proposal and not everything went to plan, but it was organic and made us laugh, just like the day we met.


Marriage Equality

Marriage equality to us means being formally recognised by law in our capacity as a couple who love and contribute to the wondrful Australian society we live in.

It is important to promote the concept of societal integration and sharing our story as part of that society (albeit Australian or global) as a way of influencing the hearts and minds of other everyday people in our everyday interactions – by simply just being us.

We need to demonstrate behaviours that we expect of others and are reflective of the person we aspire to be. So far as is possible, Dylan and I work hard towards demonstrating behaviours that we can look back and say to ourselves and each other “I am proud of us” or “I am proud of the way in which went about achieving that”. Therefore, while advocating the importance of same sex marriage, we would say that it's ok to have voted no. We would say that we understand that not everyone will share the same ideas and values as us.  We would also say that whilst we may not always agree on certain things, we should all universally agree that regardless of someone's LGBTI+ status, that we are all born human with an innate need to feel equal, belonging and acceptance. This directly feeds into how we influence attitudes and behaviours both constructively and in the long-term.

With regards to societal attitudes towards homosexuality, personally, we have been quite privileged in the sense that we have not experienced discrimination or hardship as a same sex couple, however not everyone in our lives have been so lucky. Some people we know have had hurdles to overcome through work and family, so we do what we can in our capacity as long term successful partners to be a positive influence on those who may not understand same sex relationships or our capacity to be as 'normal' as anyone else.

Most importantly, we are part of society. By simply being an active participant in society, while openly discussing who we are (as any other couple would) is a really effective way of influencing individual attitudes and societal attitudes towards the LGBTI+ community. We as a community can preach at people about right or wrong all day, but by demonstrating constructive behaviours that establish ‘common ground’ in experiences between everyone, we are far more likely to be effective in influencing constructive attitudes and behaviours in our communities.


The Wedding

The ceremony location is yet to be confirmed, but quite possibly in a church following recent constructive discussions – although yet to be finalised and agreed.  The reception will be in a flawless ballroom at the new Crown Towers in Perth. The styling and decor will be grand yet timeless. Black and white, light foliage, candles with a grand celebration that will be talked about between both families for a long time to come.

The biggest misconception surrounding homosexual relationships is that same sex couples don't share or are unable to share the same kind of love and commitment that heterosexual couples do, or that we are unable to provide the safe loving home a child needs. George & King are proud to support the movement towards equality.


 Thanks to...

Photos and Film - Divon Photography

Styling - Hannah Croly, George & King.

Interview - Tamara Dias, George & King.

Accessories - OTAA