This week in London, many high-end Fashion Designers and Creative Directors rallied together to show their latest collections on the catwalk at the Menswear fashion event of the year: London Fashion Week: Men.  London is the hub of fashion for both men and women: trends start and end there.

What we have seen on the catwalk this January will decide what looks and styles hit the shops and your feet in the next three months. George & King as always are one step ahead of the style game. As part of their style concierge service, footwear is recommended from their in-store and online collection, courtesy of Australian shoe brand Antoine & Stanley. All shoes hand crafted from soft buffalo leather to create a luxurious shoe at an affordable price. Great for those who do not wish to shell out for the larger price tag that accompanies the High-End brands, yet still want to look super dapper.

This year saw an increased focus on men’s accessories and footwear. The two central colours within all shoe design ranges that walked the catwalk this year was the classic black, shades of brown and tan. Leather and suede loafers, brogues and the traditional lace up took a poignant place within all shoe collections displayed this year.  These versatile shoe designs are crucial to any gentlemen’s wardrobe. Looking great with professional attire, the slim lace up shoes fits right into place at the end of a well-tailored suit pant or of a weekend, when out and about for drinks or dinner a brown loafer looks exceptional with a tailored chino pant and shirt.

As a general rule men are becoming more concerned with what they wear and how they are appearing to others; whether it is to fellow colleagues within the workplace, or when out of an evening either with a girlfriend or trying to meet one. What you wear matters. It is the first impression. People make a judgement of you based on your choice of attire.  



Smart footwear and attractive accessories are both central players in both AW17 and SS17 style trends for men. The London Catwalk played host to a collection of High-End footwear, including the collection from the likes of South Korean brand, Redmeteor Designs. Redmeteor Designs uses the best design and technology to create his footwear, they are one of the leading High End fashion brands for handmade shoes.  They design bold contemporary footwear based on the look of a traditional old world man’s shoe. These shoes are bound to make a statement through their designs in order to create a new future and culture.

High End: Redmeteor. Classic Lace Up   

 Redmeteor Classic Laceup

High Street: Antoine & Stanley. Stanford Tan Shoe ($189 from George & King. Shop Now)   

Antoine & Stanley. Stanford Tan Shoe



Parading on the catwalk this year Parisian designer John Lobb revealed his SS17 collection. Founded in 1866, John Lobb prides itself on upholding its exacting standards and unique levels of craftsmanship in the creation of hand-made leather and suede shoes and boots for men.  The collection eludes classicism; traditional looks for men including the brogue and the lace up. Proving tradition is still a crucial component within contemporary shoe design.

High End: John Lobb. Traditional Lace Up  

John Lobb. Traditional Lace Up

High Street: Antoine & Stanley. Stanford Black ($189 from George & King. Shop Now)  

Antoine & Stanley. Stanford Black 



British outdoor brand Barbour showcased their latest footwear range. In 1936, founder John Barbour’s grandson, Duncan Barbour, a keen motorcyclist, introduced a one-piece wax cotton suit called the Barbour International. Men and women’s collections are still inspired by the biker look. The shoes represent hard work, both the way in which they are hand crafted using the finest British leather, but also the in the attitude you parade when wearing a pair of Barbour Shoes.

High End: Barbour. Black Lace Up.

Barbour. Black Lace Up.

High Street: ($209 from George & King. Shop Now

Antoine & Stanley. Ham Black Shoe