“If you want to succeed, you have to dress for success,” says George & King stylist, Sam Lee. “The effect of being well dressed isn’t just on your looks. When you know you look good, you’ll notice that you feel more confident – and other people will notice too.”

So whether you’re trying to land the perfect job or give yourself a competitive edge, Sam has ten tips to get you noticed in the office for all the right reasons...


Dress accordingly. No two days are the same – neither are two meetings – so dress appropriately for each one. If you’re unsure of the audience, go for a classic combination like a navy suit with pale blue shirt and maroon tie. To impress a new boss or client, go for something that expresses your personality like accessorising with some coloured socks and a pocket square.


Wear a tailored suit. One that is flattering for your body shape and made to fit YOU. Most importantly, make sure it’s snug but not too tight, ensuring you feel comfortable in it 100% of the time.


Match your shoes and belt. These really MUST be the same colour. Colour mismatching can be a real eyesore to those around you. Brown shoes and belts go great with navy and dark grey suits, while black goes with all.


Steer clear of double patterns. Never combine patterns for your tie and shirt combo, as it can be too busy for the eyes. Remember: You’re going to work and not the circus.


Keep it classic. If in doubt, light, plain coloured shirts (in corporate colours such as light pink, light blue, white and soft lilac) always go well with dark coloured (black, blue, and charcoal) suits and plain or textured ties. These fail-safe classic colour combos will keep you looking professional and sophisticated all the time.


Have an office suit. In a more casual office you can often go jacket-free, but there’s nothing like a surprise meeting to throw you in the deep end. To avoid this, buy one classic suit in grey, black or navy and keep a few pairs of matching trousers. Make this your office suit. Keep the blazer at work and wear these trousers on your more casual days – you’ll always have a complete suit ready to go. It can also be handy to keep a spare plain tie in black or navy for those emergency meetings where you need to dress up.


Learn how to tie a tie. Properly. Ties are a focal point of your suit – and nothing will ruin the whole look like a poorly formed tie. The perfect tie should be the right length, the right width and have no dimple in it. There are a variety of knots to choose from, so pick the one that works for you and accessorise with tie clip.


Use the right buttons. Blazers have a variety buttons, but you don’t need to use them all. The rule is, always do up the top button and leave at least one other undone. For a two-button suit, leave the last button open and for a three-button, choose between leaving the last one or two open. Always remember to unbutton your suit when you sit down and do it up when you stand up. This will instantly make you look like you care about your appearance.


Keep it clean. Regularly dry clean your suit to keep it in top condition. There’s nothing like a dirty suit to spoil your reputation at the office. This can be as little as once per quarter, or more regularly if you’re wearing the same one every day – though you should have more than one suit if that’s the case!


Confidence is key. In a well-tailored suit, you know you look good. So wear it with pride and always carry a winning attitude.


If you’re wondering why you were overlooked for that office promotion, sometimes playing it safe just isn’t enough. Amp up your style and add a little class in order to conquer the boardroom and make the right impression – because clothes really do make the man.

There you have it! A simple but highly effective checklist which you can incorporate into your daily sartorial routine to really elevate your style to the next level.


Credits — Photos (in order of use): ‘Tuxedo Bow Tie'. CCO 1.0 Public Domain.