Anyone living in Sydney this week would know that winter has cranked up the cold.

This is the time of year, that even in Australia, us gentleman reach for our overcoats. Overcoats always seem to be an after thought for those within Australia. We always seem to convince ourselves that it never really reaches those jaw chattering temperatures. However an overcoat in winter is a must have staple for every man’s wardrobe. It can pull a whole look together and if the fit and style are just right than it will make you look ever so sharp and polished.



It is very important to invest into a good overcoat, as the style rarely changes. It is very important to invest into a 100% wool fabric with a heavy weight for your overcoat. This will keep you extremely warm in winter and will have a very long life.



When fitting your overcoat make sure you wear all the appropriate under garments underneath including your shirt, suit jacket and even a jumper. Overcoats should not be overly slim- this will become very uncomfortable with all the layers underneath. We would usually suggest the jacket finish at the knee, this is the most contemporary look, however you can go longer if you want more of the traditional style.



To make it simple there are mainly two styles for overcoats; single breasted and double breasted. The single breasted jackets are more versatile, minimal and clean and can be worn with formal suits as well as your favourite jeans on a Saturday. Double breasted overcoats provide more of a traditional gentlemen aura and are great for those extremely cold winter days.


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