Many things in life require the fine art of balance–the situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Add too much spice to your signature dish you are cooking, and you will spoil the meal in its entirety, decorate your home with too many plants and ornaments, and the result will be clutter. The same rules of balance and avoiding the over-do apply to dressing well, and in particular, perfecting the art of balance when wearing the pink shirt.

Pink Shirt with New York City in the background

In past years, there was a common notion that pink may make a man look effeminate. However, the pink shirt has become a popular garment amongst the manliest of men in the past few decades. When worn correctly, in confidence and in style, it is the perfect shirt to complement your skin tone and can add that special touch to a wardrobe full of white shirts. It is however, a garment that can go so right, but also so wrong, all depending on the main elements of balance. Below is a quick guideline to getting the balancing act right when wearing the pink shirt.

Portion your pinks

The pink shirt is a statement piece, and as a general rule looks best when worn as the stand-alone pink item in your outfit. Drop the pink tie, the pink blazer and most definitely the pink pants when sporting the pink shirt–too much pink, and you will end up looking like a walking musk stick. Instead, pair the shirt up with a grey or navy blue blazer, or for a more casual look, black jeans and white sneakers. The result? The pink will pop, however this statement hue will now be balanced out.

Not too big, not too small

You do not want to be swimming in your pink shirt, and at the same time, a pink shirt that is too tight may not be complementary to a clean looking outfit. Instead, opt for a custom, tailored shirt–we suggest a slim fitted style paired with dark-wash skinny jeans if you wish to achieve a casual look, or slim-trousers if you want to go for a more formal look at the office.

When in doubt, go lighter

Perfecting the palette is key. The shade of pink you choose to wear is a key element to consider when you are perfecting the balancing act of wearing the pink shirt, as picking the wrong shade can bleach out your skin tone. The pink shirt is generally flattering to most skin tones, however, the best rule to go by is to start light. A pale pink, especially for those who have never worn a pink shirt before is the best starting point as it is more subtle, less loud, complements almost any other colour, and is suitable for all seasons. If you start to go towards the darker end of the pink scale, this too is something that can be pulled off, however it is very dependent on the wearer and involves a lot more risk, and a much higher chance of ruining the balancing act of perfecting the palette.

The triple P rule (Portion, Perfect fit, Palette) is one that you should go by when perfecting the pink shirt—wearing this garment is all about avoiding the over-do. The pink shirt should be the solo pink item in your outfit, and when worn with the perfect fit for your body, and the right shade that complements your skin tone, you will find that you may have successfully unlocked the attainable art of balance, when wearing the perfect pink shirt.

Ed in Pink Shirt with Gray Chalkstripe Jacket