In the modern world, it is often assumed that the gentleman no longer exists; today’s world seems to be all about boys with swag.  When conducting research for this blog George & King posed the question ‘what does it mean to be a gentleman in the modern world?

The responses affirmed that the traditional values still very much apply, even in the 21st century: respect, civility, kindness, honest, earnest and strong were just some of the terms mentioned.

How Can One Negotiate Being a Traditional Gent Whilst Living in A Contemporary World?



Dressing well and looking smart is part of being a gentleman. Traditionally the fabric of choice for a suit or jacket would have been Harris Tweed. A three-piece, matched with a pocket watch (on a chain of course).

Nowadays gents have more choice in what they wear. Going custom allows men to create a look that reflects their personality.

Style Tips for The Modern Gent

- Ensure your clothing fits. With Made-To-Measure menswear, you know the garment is made personally for you.
- Wear a colour that defines you – not just what you have been told is on trend.
- You do not have to make bold choices in your look. Choose to go classic. Keep your customisations simple.
- A three piece is a great choice but can often be too formal for work, so instead opt for a vest and pant combination.
- Wear a well fitted crisp iron cotton shirt – cufflinks are not compulsory.
- Make sure your clothing is in good repair. No holes or fabric tears.
- Wear dress shoes and they must be polished.



Personal grooming is crucial, having neat hair and a tidy beard works wonders for your gentleman identity.

Leycester Cory, founder of Guys Grooming, Perth, a venue that offers the Modern Gent a chance to create their own brand states the "Modern Gent is here to stay, defined by a modern style but with old school manners"

The key to presenting your identity is with impeccable grooming of the hair, face and body. From sportsmen to businessmen - grooming is important to our success.

Grooming habits and regimes have evolved, especially in the contemporary world where there is an increased focus on the importance of first impressions.  Facials, waxing and haircuts are the mainstay for the confident gentleman looking to take of himself to ensure future success. 

Grooming Tips for The Modern Gent

- Grooming starts at the top. Enjoy a great ‘style cut’ not just a basic hair-cut.  A style cut will increase confidence.
- Facial hair is very personal. Clean shaven should experience the close, uncompromising sheerness of a cutthroat blade. Beards take time to grow just keep it tidy and trimmed.
- Get a massage at least once a month – being a Modern Gent can be tough there are now treatments designed especially for men.
- Face Facts. In life, the face creates the impression that conveys your personal message. Maintaining the health and appearance of the face is as easy as a regular facial and a simple daily routine.


The ideology behind being a ‘Gentleman’ is still very much based on the traditional identity, but like everything in a post-modern world the actions and mentality behind the identity have been forced to adapt and mould themselves to fit into the noughties, though the core values are still very much present.

Your clothing and personal grooming style is just part of being a gentleman. As society changes, so do identities. It is important to be true to yourself. George & King support this vision, facilitating expression through custom clothing.  

The ability to wear masterfully crafted garments that enable you to project your individual identity in the public sphere.

George & King makes it personal.