George & King welcomes Italian fabric range Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) to their ever expanding range of luxury fabric. This wool is without a doubt some of the best fabric we have seen in the suiting world. Even Zegna himself used this range before he became Zegna; master of fabric creation.





VBC has history, started in 1663, the Barberis Canonico family were the first recognised wool clothiers in Italy. In 1770, the sons of the founding fathers are awarded the contract to become the fabric supplier of the royal troops. The industrial revolution boosted their production and suddenly their fine fabrics were able to be produced on a large scale at their establishment in Pratrivero.

In 1915, Giuseppe Barberis Canonico begins exporting the wool to America, the East Indies and China. In 1926, Giuseppe inaugurates two more factories and this is where Oreste e Vitale Barberis Canonico is created, even beating the odds and becoming stronger during the great depression. In 1936, the association between Oreste and Vitale had dissolved.

The history of VBC has its origins amongst the difficulties of the fascist period and WW2 in Italy.

In 1947 a decision is made by the family to improve its customer relations and embark on raising awareness of their high quality goods, it paid off and by 1952 turnover had almost doubled. In 1970 Vitale is succeeded by his sons and in 2008 the new generation takes over management. After 350 years in the business, the central components of the business are still family, fabrics and Prativero.

In 2016, VBC won the Wool Excellence Award. The fabric ranges are specially designed to be crafted into suits, jackets, dinner suits or overcoats. Each item having their own selection suited to the gentlemen wearing the garment and the usage. The suit fabrics are light yet resilient, the jacket fabric a more robust fabric that allows for movement, the dinner suit fabric a more refined austere fabric and the overcoat fabric is one that offers protection from the elements.  



According to VBC, a real wardrobe is like a marshalled army, not just a cupboard stuffed full of clothes.

Chosen with taste, upgraded over time, the clothes in a wardrobe are an expression of a personal style in any given situation. In order to avoid waste, a wardrobe should be built up by identifying what is really necessary, then choosing what seems most correct and attractive amongst the various possibilities.

So how does one create their capsule Summer Wardrobe:

1. The blue blazer double breasted with metal buttons.
2. A grey weave two tone suit – hot off the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week
3. Slim fitting suit pants in shades of taupe, blue and grey.
4. A semi structured jacket in a taupe – to wear with any of the above.
5. A classic suit, a windowpane or pinstripe that one can wear to more formal occasions.
6. A brown brogue
7. A black shoe.
8. A white shirt
9. A sky blue shirt

Our latest campaign photoshoot showcases some of our personal favourites in VBC suiting. A grey and brown windowpane, a subtle blue pinstripe, matched with print shirts and pastel plains. Each look based around the versatility of the fabrics, alongside a representation of the elegance Milan and the Italian Riviera generate.

The suits are handcrafted, as with all our garments. A bow of respect to the fabric and its history.

When you adorn a VBC tailored suit, you are not just wearing a personalised piece of mastery, you are wearing a caption of history and of family. Transport yourself to Italy this year.  


Prices starting from $1200. Visit a showroom to explore the range.