Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits

Make your big day extra special with custom suits & shirts tailored to fit you and your groomsmen perfectly.

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Custom tailored wedding suits, shirts and accessories in 4 easy steps.

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Read what a few happy couples have to say about their George & King by InStitchu experience.

Blue Wedding Suit

What a Day!

What a day! My wife & I couldn't be happier with George & King by InStitchu. We highly reccomend their amazing service.

Christian & Elizabeth - Brisbane, Australia

5 Stars
Charcoal Grey Wedding Suit

Perfect Wedding Suit!

We got the perfect wedding suit here! They fitted nicely and yet felt light and easy to wear. Love these guys!

Jack & Eyvette - Sydney, Australia

5 Stars
White Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Absolutely Stunning!

hanks so much for helping to make our big day such an amazing success. The suits were absolutely stunning.

Jess & Brent - Perth, Australia

5 Stars

Why Say "I Do" to George & King by InStitchu?

A Few of our Favourites

Got a particular look in mind? We have hundreds more fabrics on display in our showrooms.

  1. New The Specter Suit
    Inside and outside the courtroom there's no denying that Mr Specter has one of Manhattan's sharpest tongues. However his presence wouldn't be half as threatening without a sharp suit to round out his character. This navy texture tailored suit will have you screaming objections across the court.
  2. Clyde Barrow a well known outlaw who travelled the central United States in the thirties with his partner in crime, Bonnie Parker, always at his side. He may have been a lunatic criminal, but he sure did dress well. Clyde would be right at home in this suave classic.
  3. This suave grey custom men's suit, shows off stunning blue highlights when in direct light. Constructed with high quality wool.
  4. Madrid is an ex-convent schoolgirl, a rebellious teenager who pushed the boundaries of hedonism and then grew up and got sophisticated without ever forgetting how to have fun. That’s why this is a city as at home in the nightclubs and bars that give the streets their soundtrack as it is in the hallowed halls of high culture.
  5. Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. was an American business magnate, investor, aviator, aerospace engineer, film maker and philanthropist. He was one of the wealthiest people in the world. He was also one of the best dressed.
  6. Mr Bateman may be a Grade A psychopath, but there's no denying his standout fashion sense. Always dressed to the nines, his latest obsession is for navy suits, in particular this subtly textured work of art.
  7. Mr Gage is a wealthy billionaire with a questionable moral compass. What he lacks in virtues John makes up in dress sense. If you are considering making an "Indecent Proposal" of your own, make sure you are wearing this classic grey suit.
  8. Mr Clayton isn't a normal lawyer, far from it. He is a fixer, specialising in the most sensitive issues, ones that sometimes skirt the boundaries of legality and morality. Whether he is suppressing embarrassing photos, or convincing the police not to press charges against a high-value client Mr Clayton always dresses to impress.
  9. Mr Draper embodies the quintessential 1960's persona of male identity - hedonistic, but enduringly captivating and masculine. As the suave and sophisticated ad-man, Don Draper's wardrobe reflects his character perfectly. In his usual light grey and white tones, cool colours are a must for this cool character.
  10. Wealthy and successful Mr Gatsby is all about personal myth-making, and that means investing in beautiful, practical modern classics. From humble beginnings, Jay's desire to escape his circumstances and make a name for himself is admirable and embodies this new avant-garde windowpane grey suit.
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